Sociologists of Minnesota

Membership Fees

​​SOM has traditionally served sociologists in academic institution, applied sociologists, and undergraduate and graduate sociology students. 

SOM membership is open to anyone who supports the purposes of the organization, however, and we are specifically seeking to expand our membership base among high school sociology teachers and sociology graduates working in human services, community, development criminal justice, and other fields of employment. 

Members receive voting privileges, a subscription to Sociograph, opportunities to participate in the annual conference, and invitations to special events. 

The membership year begins with the opening of the annual meeting in October and ends just prior to the beginning of the annual meeting the following year.

To become a member of Sociologists of Minnesota or to renew your membership:

        1.  Download and complete the Membership Form. We use this form to track our membership.                  Please use this Word document to register your contact information.

             (The from connected to the link below will allow you to register for the annual conference and              to register your membership. If you would like to complete membership only, please use the                membership section of the form only.)  


        2. Please send the completed Membership Form to: 

​        3. Complete your Membership payment to SOM. We now have two options: 


                       Option 1: We now offer a PayPal option for membership dues. Please use the                                                       dropdown PayPal menu: 


​​                      Option #2: Complete a personal check or Money Order addressed to SOM. Mail your                                            Check or Money Order and Completed Membership Form to:

                                                   Sadie Pendaz-Foster, SOM Treasurer
                                                   5035 Vera Cruz Ave N
                                                   Crystal, MN 55429

         ​4. Consider a donation to Sociologists of Minnesota.

                      Your tax-deductible donation will help keep registration fees low!  

Sociologists of Minnesota welcomes professionals, students, and faculty to join.